Land Rover India has launched the Range Rover Evoque to compete with the likes of Audi Q5 and BMW X3. It is available in both coupe and four-door versions. Range Rover Evoque coupe is available in only petrol and Evoque four-door is available in only diesel. Evoque is the best looking Range Rover till date and it easily beats BMW X5, Audi Q5, Volvo XC90 and Mercedes M-Class; when it comes to design and styling. The interiors of Evoque are also very stylish, spacious, feature-rich and well appointed. The petrol Evoque is available in only one variant (Dynamic) and diesel Evoque is available in three variants: Pure, Prestige and Dynamic. The base model of Range Rover Evoque is priced at Rs. 46 lakhs; which seems to be very reasonable in comparison to other SUVs available in this segment. The top-end variant is petrol coupe dynamic and it is priced at Rs. 59.3 lakhs.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

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