Akersons donate
DETROIT -- General Motors CEO Dan Akerson and his wife, Karin, donated $1 million to start a Habitat for Humanity initiative called Leaders to ReBuild Detroit.

“What we can do is a drop in the bucket of what needs to be done,” Akerson said in a speech to about 100 at a school in which the community to be funded resides. “That’s why we wanted to get involved with this $25 million initiative that Habitat for Humanity started. We wanted to give it a jump start because we wanted to help others.”

Dan Akerson maintains residences in both Detroit and Washington.

Habitat for Humanity Michigan said the initiative is a three-year, multimillion-dollar initiative designed to engage Detroit’s corporate leaders in revitalizing the city.

The project will serve at least 500 families in a Detroit neighborhood known as the Morningside Commons by 2014, Habitat for Humanity said.

As part of Habitat Michigan’s statewide $225 million campaign to provide housing, 200 families also will participate in financial literacy training, homeownership workshops and community security initiatives provided by partnering organizations.

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