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Bentley has secured the second grant from the British government’s Business Regional Growth Fund (RGF) this year. Earlier the company had received £ 1.68 m to create additional manufacturing jobs and training. Luxury car maker Bentley is one of the few automotive companies in the UK who undertakes all their activities in one site. Every Bentley in UK car is designed, engineered and built in their Crewe site in Cheshire. Bentley is the third largest investor in R&D in the UK.

The new grant will facilitate the development of new propulsion systems to produce products for export to emerging export markets. Wolfgang Dürheimer, President and CEO of Bentley spoke about the award, saying: "This is a real boost for Bentley which has one of the most highly skilled workforce of cars in the country and, unusually, has been awarded two RGF grants. This shows that the Government recognizes the importance of Bentley and the contribution we make to the manufacture of high-value exports from the United Kingdom. Our customers expect the best in terms of excellence exclusivity, technology, quality and engineering that requires a significant investment in R & D. that is why we have a strong engineering capability exclusively for Bentley in the United Kingdom. This grant will help protect operations that seek to develop new propulsion systems that appeal to new markets and new customers ".

Around 80% of Bentley cars produced is exported. And all its export markets are experiencing growing demand for their cars. Emerging markets such as China are increasingly accounting for higher sales figures, by the end of September 2011, China had accounted for 1000 cars and the market is expected to grow by a staggering 80% a year.

Traditionally, emerging markets were experiencing demand for four door sedans like the Mulsanne and Continental Flying Spur from Bentley but now these markets are also experiencing demand for two door coupes like the GT and the GTC. The recent grant will be used to develop powertrains for Bentley’s coupes so that the company can meet further growth in demand.

Bentley cars

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