Honda Motors has taken a huge leap in that diesel technology is concerned. Out of the blue, the Japanese automaker pulled the curtain on theL 1.6 i-DTEC diesel engine common rail turbo to let the masses spell bound. The Tokyo Motor Show is the place where the car has shown major breakthrough in their development engine light weight diesel. What makes it more interesting is the new Honda engine to fall in line with the demand for light weight fuel efficient engines.

The engine is feather-light weighing just 170 kg and is expected to deliver some astonishing fuel economy figures. However, the auto major has kept the details pretty much to themselves and reserved it for some later date. The 1.6 L diesel engine is specifically targeted for its best-selling Civic sedan which is due for a makeover in 2012. Whether the new engine will be featured in the new Civic or will be introduced towards the end of 2012 as Honda Civic diesel


variant is still speculated.

To see the demand of diesel cars in India, Honda India might consider the same engine for its flagship sedan, Honda City in future. The petrol engine has been the only drawback for the car which is otherwise one of the country’s hot favourite. However, Honda has done some clever strategizing here and boosted the sales of the sedan with some price cut-down. The auto major has been particularly competitive with the City and Jazz models by offering lucrative discounts of up to Rs 1 lakh. And the auto major has succeeded in the efforts too. The idea has gone down well with the consumers, to accommodate the upcoming 2012 Honda City at its sales outlets. The revamped versions of City, CR-V and Civic are the three cars next on the cards from the auto major.

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