With the coming of new year many new plans have been made to rise the business by Mercedes, as Daimler wants its Mercedes-Benz brand to boost production by 13 percent. This rise is more than 1.4 million passenger vehicles, according to internal documents.

Mercedes plans to produce 1,417,400 passenger cars (excluding commercial vehicles, Smart and Maybach) globally in 2012. The company sees total passenger car output (including Smart and soon-to-be-phased-out Maybach) rising to about 1.52 million next year and about 1.67 million in 2013.

A Daimler spokesman declined to comment on the targets.

In 2011, Mercedes expects to produce more than 1.25 million passenger cars, concluding its 125th anniversary with a new record, according to statement released earlier this month. Mercedes produced 1.2 million cars and SUVs in 2010.

"Mercedes-Ben z is going on the attack," Daimler board member for manufacturing and procurement Wolfgang Bernhard said in the release. "We are securing our path to the top by extensively investing in the expansion of our high-performance production network."

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