Honda’s story for their concept vehicle, the IH (Intelligent Horse), takes us to futuristic world of the wild, wild west. We swear they make some sense out of this eventually.

The setting is hundreds of years into the future in a world that has been disrupted by the impact of a gigantic comet. After the impact of Armageddon, the remaining survivors needed a vehicle that will not only serve as their companion, but also as their protector in an inhospitable environment.

Drawing from history, they created a vehicle that was inspired from a now mythical creature - the horse. Take note that this is a future setting so we don’t sound ridiculous describing a horse as ’mythical.’

The Honda IH is a concept vehicle thatacts as a life-saver in a comet-ravaged world. Through the advent of technology, the IH uses three critical elements of the future: local production, artificial intelligence, and additive technology. The car is characterized as efficient, lightweight, and strong, and offers plenty of both A.I. technology and nanotechnology. It also carries additive technology, which is being described as a "revolutionary attempt to produce very small or especially very large parts in a more efficient way to save weight and resources while improving the strength and flexibility of the product."

Honda Cars

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