One of the trio of German luxury car manufacturers, Audi is believed to bring a special car, the Audi A8 L Security, the latest version of Audi A8 to the Delhi Auto Expo this month. The car is highly security equipped in every aspect to meet the German ballistics security standards of VR7 thoroughly while the new version does fare up well in some areas to the level of VR9 or VR10. This heavily armoured car from Audi is a perfect competitor of the armoured variants of the BMW 7-series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class .

So, what makes the car so special? Let us have a look and find out why. Heavy padding of extra layers on the windscreen and the windows on the car makes it strong enough to take the unprecedented events in a stride. This alone attributes to an additional weight of 300 kg apart from the inclusion of aluminium plates along the sides of the car for enhanced protection. The interiors of the car can be seen with an additional lining of metal sheet to withstand heavy firing, which again adds an extra weight of 720 kg to the armoured car. Another interesting feature is the controlled door-stop feature on the side doors of the A8 L Security car. The doors are programmed in such a way that the door can be held at any desired position without any physical stopper to hold it ajar. Another 360 kg apparently goes into this mechanism.

While these are the special features to avoid any physical blow like the grenade attacks or a really up-close gun attacks, the fire security feature is another piece of thoughtfulness. The fire extinguisher gets into action automatically with the in-built heat sensors which could many a time turn out to be a rather waste when matters will have gotten out of hands by then. However, the push button option will make up for it, when the user can have the extinguisher functioning in matter of seconds proactively. Whether Audi India decides to launch the high security car in India is far-fetched, in either case it is one specimen from Audi to set our eyes upon.

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