Mercedes Benz is basically a German auto major and it known amongst the best amongst the luxury car manufacturers in the entire world. Still it is not the only German luxury car maker, its rivals; Audi and BMW are also considered to be the best in business. All three, BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz have been fighting to get on the top position and this battle will go on for years to come. The latest news is that Mercedes Benz might arrive with a rival of BMW X6 in the year of 2015.

Mercedes Benz has confirmed the news that it will be launching a brand new car model in the year of 2015, which will give a direct competition to BMW X6. The car will be manufactured in USA as it is considered as one of the biggest car markets in the entire world. A car manufacturer from Stuttgart, Germany, invested approximately $350 million in Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant that is all set to develop the brand new SUV. As per the rumors, the new Mercedes Benz SUV will be known as GLS and will come with stylized design. This time around, Mercedes Benz will try its best to have no issues regarding realism in the new SUV that will be launched in 2015. The Mercedes Benz GLS SUV will come with 5 seat arrangement, instead of the usual four.

The engine of this new crossover coupe by Mercedes Benz will be bigger V8 engine and will have a frugal diesel engine in the appearance of V6. Apparently, Mercedes Benz might also launch a much better AMG version that will be based on standard GLS car. Even in India, Mercedes Benz has managed to get counted amongst the top most luxury car makers. It has been quite a long time that Mercedes Benz has been manufacturing luxury cars for Indian consumers. Therefore, there are chances that when Mercedes Benz launched the BMW X6 rival in 2015, this coupe could also sizzle on the Indian roads.


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