Is the speed of the motorway never really been enough for you? Have you watched motor racing knowing that you could be just as good, or better, behind the wheel? Now this opportunity will b provided by V1 Championship as it launches and gives you the chance to finally get in the driving seat – and prove that you have what it takes to be a real racing star at the V1 Clio Cup racing simulator. V1 Championship has created a racing simulator like no other which will enable you to not only hone your skills on the track but also be in with the chance of winning once-in-a-lifetime prize of a real-life season on the track. If you have dreamed of racing, have the skill, but felt the opportunity has been out of reach because of the financial commitment, V1 Championship is your life-changing ticket to a career in racing. The best driver will win a fully funded development programme for a season in the 2012 UK Renault Clio Cup, worth 100,000 pounds.

V1 Championship has been developed by racing experts, Jay Marshall and Mark Coleman, over the past four years. Their combined heritage in racing and IT has led to the creation of a simulator that is as close to as real driving experience as you can possibly get. The simulator has already been used to identify future motor racing champions and uses a whole host of different measurements to assess driving ability, including not only time, but also physiological and psychometric tests to measure driver’s styles and attitude.

V1 Championship is now making this amazing technology available to everyone. The 10 most talented drivers will gain entry to on-track qualifiers, which will assess the drivers’ offline skills and the most talented participant will win a coveted place in a real-life racing season.

Jason Plato BTCC Champion said “This is truly an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for someone to forego the usual climb into this level of motorsport and therefore makes it even more of a must-have for anyone with the skill to drive at this level. I love finding and nurturing new talent and am really excited about tutoring and mentoring the winning driver in the lead up to the 2012 season.”

Jay Marshall, co-founder of V1 Championship shared that: “This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who thinks they have the makings of a racing driver. For years I have watched the gulf between the haves and the have-nots widen. Time and time again I have seen really talented drivers being passed over for those with the right connections or financial backing. I now look forward to developing and promoting genuine talent no matter what their social or financial back ground.”

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