Honda super car
LOS ANGELES -- American Honda Motor Co. will break out big-time celebrities and comedic license in a pair of 60-second TV commercials that will run during the Super Bowl.

An Acura spot -- the first Super Bowl appearance for the brand -- will feature comedian Jerry Seinfeld going to ridiculous lengths to bribe the man who holds the rights to the first 2015 Acura NSX supercar.

Meanwhile, Matthew Broderick will reprise his role as high school truant Ferris Bueller, calling in sick to an acting gig and spending the day gallivanting in a Honda CR-V crossover.

Both commercials will have 30-second versions that will run on TV through spring, as well as links to social media and "Easter egg" prize hunts. Outtakes and extended versions will run online on Honda's YouTube channel.

Honda is trying to drive traffic toHonda and Acura Web sites and showrooms desperate to rebound from last year's earthquake-related inventory shortages.

"We want to entertain an audience, engage them into the brand and generate buzz and excitement," said Mike Accavitti, American Honda's chief marketing officer. "The ads convey the product, message and brand in a memorable way to our target in a relevant way. That's what you want."

In the CR-V spot, Broderick calls in sick to his agent, then spends the day avoiding him while driving a CR-V between a roller-coaster ride, a museum tour and -- you guessed it -- singing in a parade.

The spot highlights the CR-V's Bluetooth hands-free connectivity, as well as a true test of the suspension that fans of Ferris Bueller's Day Off will appreciate.

The spot was directed by Todd Phillips, known for his work on The Hangover and Old School. The backing music for the spot, of course, is "Oh Yeah," by Yello.

"Ferris' whole thing was to smell the roses because life moves pretty fast," Accavitti said. "While many of our competitors are suggesting people use cars to escape life, we're saying, 'Go embrace it, have some fun.'"

In that sense, the Bueller spot is consistent with the mainstream CR-V campaign's "leap list," showing young adults following their dreams before they settle down to married life, Accavitti said.

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