One of the most commonly known electric hybrid cars in the world Chevrolet Volt , has now got rid of one of the biggest fear of the buyers with the electric cars, the limited range. The range of the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid car can now be extended infinitely, with its petrol engine playing the role of an electricity generator for the car.

The engine unit of the car includes a pack of lithium-ion battery along with an electric drive unit. After running up 80 km as a pure electric car, the range of this electric car can be massively extended to up to 550 km with the help of a 1.4-litre petrol engine that charges the battery. And if this range is still not enough, one can extended it even further by topping up the fuel tank.

Very conveniently the car can be used as an electric car for the whole week by charging it off the wall socket at nights. This means, the car will not need a single drop of fuel, if the uses are limited. Moreover, the same car can be used during even for cross country trips, thanks to its petrol engine battery charger.

It can be charged at a faster speed with the use of 240V charging posts, which the firm is setting-up across the country at convenient locations. Chevrolet Volt

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