BMW Mini Cooper
For quite sometime nowe BMW has been enticing the Indian consumers in case of the Mini brand debut in the country. Mini brand will apparently be launched on January 4th in India. There are three cars having varied body styles, a Cooper hatchback, Cooper S and Countryman crossover with the other models also up on the sleeve, but reserved for a later time are on the cards from the Mini Brand. Moreover, BMW has made a smart decision to offer the Mini cars as a separate entity altogether. Two new dealerships exclusively for the Mini cars are launched in Delhi and Mumbai.

The BMW Mini price is expected to land somewhere around Rs 25 lakh which gives all the more reason why the sales outlets are introduced at the top metros in the country for the start. Right from day one BMW had been clear about the vision they have for the Mini marque in India. They are more inclined towards building the brand image rather than targeting large volumes for the posh brand in the country. Actually, they do have a relatively low-priced Mini One offered in the global markets. However, sticking to their word, they intend to head for the scantily populated premium hatchback segment with Mini Cooper. The Mini cars over a period of time are reported to undergo a massive change and the ‘mini’ term is not literally appropriate for the car. Moreover, the cars are quite popular to carry a high performing petrol engine under the hood.

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