Rolls Royce one of leading luxury super car manufacturer may appoint two more dealers in India before the end of this fiscal, taking the total number to five. According to the reports, Rolls Royce Head of Business Development (India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) Herfried Hasenoehrl said that while one dealer will be from the northern region, the other would be either from the central or southern region of the country.

He further said that "We just came to Hyderabad. We are in talks with a dealer in north and will soon close the deal. So, the first dealer will be in north, and the other one will be in central or south.’’ The company has outlets at Mumbai and Delhi. Since 2005 as many as 200 Rolls Royce have been sold in India and the country stands third in Asia Pacific region as far as Rolls Royce sales are concerned, he added.

It was reported that the newly appointed dealer for Hyderabad, Kun Motoren is expected to be fully operational by the middle of 2012. The car maker also formally launched the Ghost Extended Wheelbase, its sixth model in India, in Andhra Pradesh. The Ghost Extended was priced at Rs 3.05 crore including import taxes under the current currency rates.

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