The laeading Italian car maker Maserati , is ready to display their much talked about luxury Sports Utility Vehicle – Kubang – at the upcoming Detroit Auto Expo 2012. The company had introduced a concept version of this SUV at the Frankfurt Auto Expo in September 2011.

There was an overwhelming response that the Kubang SUV had received at the Frankfurt auto expo from the Visitors and SUV lovers. The SUV is much awaited among the SUV lovers in the US auto market, where it is expected to register huge success.

The SUV will be launched in two engine variants including a 4.7L V8 Ferrari engine and a 3.0L V6 diesel turbo engine. While the 4.7L V8 Ferrari engine is capable of generating a peak power of 450 bhp, the 3.0L V6 diesel turbo engine is capable of delivering a peak power of 300 bhp.

The company will be manufacturing the Kubang SUV in the same US based facility, at the platform of auto giant Chrysler’s Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Detroit Motor Show will be held in the second week of January 2012, at the same time when the world’s second largest auto expo will be organized at the India’s National Capital, New Delhi.

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