At the ongoing Tokyo Motor show the leading Japanese car maker Nissan Motors will showcase its Townpod Concept electric vehicle . Carrying a unique design and a high customized cabin that can be adjusted as per the needs and requirements of the modern age entrepreneurs; the new Nissan Townpod concept has been receiving a staggering response from the car enthusiast at the Tokyo Motor Show. This is the same concept which was uncovered at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

In a statement issued on the occasion, the company said, "The car does not need to shout that it is an EV. It more subtly suggests its ecological and economical credentials." Besides delivering considerably high fuel efficiency, the car is claimed to deliver zero emission.

The all new Nissan Townpod Concept carrying the similar engine at its heart which is currently powering the Nissan’s popular electric car Leaf. The new electric vehicle concept has been blessed with a range of new age features taking into consideration the needs of future. Besides a highly efficient cabin, the new Nissan Townpod concept is customized with a number of trimmings of style and comfort.

Taking into consideration the unique features of the car including innovative rear lights and hatch like sunroof, the new Nissan Townpod Concept is seems to have specially been designed for select audience.

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