Due to the error in the stitching process of the curtain airbags it has resulted in a serious safety risk for the passengers. Volkswagen which is also the parent company of Audi , has issued a recall for 2012 models of Audi A6 because of a defect in the side curtain airbags.
As per the report filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the company said the affected vehicles were built from April 8 through May 26, 2011. In those units, the supplier of the airbags has traced the flawed parts to a manufacturing problem that occurred during a single production day. In the affected cars the seams in the head-curtain airbags may have not been stitched properly, which may in turn keep the airbags from deploying during a crash. 
Depending on the nature and the gravity of an accident, the flaw could pose a serious threat for the vehicle occupants. In all, 317 cars are affected by recall. The Audi dealers will be replacing the left, right of both curtain airbags under the recall. The service is expected to take about three hours and is free of charge. All of the 317 cars, which have been recalled, are from the U.S.

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