Once known as the “standard of the world,” Cadillac has been anything but a benchmark for carmakers in recent years as imported brands such as Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have dominated the U.S. luxury market.

Now Cadillac is fighting back, betting that it can regain its once-lofty standing with the launch of a series of new products that includes the big XTS sedan that made its debut earlier this month at the annual Los Angeles auto show.

Cadillac will follow up next year with the addition of the compact ATS, and it has more new models on the drawing board. A few years ago it might have seemed “a stretch” for Cadillac to even imagine a comeback in the U.S., admits Don Butler, general marketing manager for the General Motors division.

In the “new (luxury) world old formulas don’t apply, so we had to start over” with the XTS, a premium luxury sedan that replaces two slow-selling Cadillac models, the STS and DTS, Butler said.

Caddy isn’t the only upscale domestic car brand that’s hoping to convince car show visitors in Los Angeles -- the nation's largest luxury car market -- that it can become relevant again.


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