Speculations abound that candle Chevrolet is the car to replace an Aveo U-VA hatchback in the country. The candle lasts naked save Chevrolet badging, recently seen in the test rounds. The model clearly seen that the new version is not very different from the previous model. Not much can be said the interior, which was not clearly visible in the conditions. However, an engine of 1.2 L of gasoline or the possibility of an L 1.4 will not be ruled out. A diesel engine in some unknown capacity is also likely in the cards, although the current model is completely devoid of diesel powertrain.

1.3 L Fiat's diesel engine is rumoured to be under consideration. The Chevrolet Sail price or any related details are not yet up for common knowledge. The Chevrolet Aveo U-VA hasn’t seen a major face-lift so far since its launch. That doesn’t mean that it has been an outright volume driver. Right from the beginning, the Chevrolet Aveo U-VA has been a mediocre success in the segment. Without creating much hype, the auto major has found this an ideal time to revive its share of sales in the market. The car industry fraught with many upcoming launches has instigated the thought to heat up the car market to some extent from its side. Another spicy bit of detail comes in the form of the likeliness of a sedan in future from GM.

It creates an idea of what General Motors is behind. Apparently, they are working aggressively to boost their sales and increase their market share developing the potential weapons against upcoming Maruti Swift Dzire and Tata Manza. While Chevrolet Sail is specifically being developed for the domestic car market, the rumoured sedan is already available in the China in both sedan and hatchback versions.

Chevrolet Sail

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