Home grown car maker of India and manufacturer of the world’s cheapest car Nano, Tata Motors , is all set to build an assembly plant for Jaguar and Land Rover in China. One of the top officials from Tata Motors said that they are waiting for the regulatory approvals from the authorities for the setup of assembly plant for Britain's luxury car models Jaguar and Land Rover . The senior executive of Tata Motors said that they will be soon making an official announcement in this regard. Chinese Market is reckoned as a key market for Jaguar and Land Rover. However, the economic changes that are recent in Europe has resulted in low sales of Jaguar and Land Rover in Europe.

Tata Motors announced a net profit of 34.06 bill rupees for three months up to December, thanks to the robust sales of JLR. Tata Motors acquired Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford in the year 2008, as part of their international business expansion program. Indian and Chinese auto markets have been regarded as the best market for automobiles by global auto manufacturers. India and China have been growing exponentially and have emerged the fastest growing auto markets in the world. The sales in other developed and European countries have been slumped because of the uncertain economic conditions that are prevailing in these countries.

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