As Peugeot 's announced that it'll end its endurance racing program for motorsport it turned into miserable day -, sidestepping this year's wondrous Le Mans 24 hour race for financial reasons.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Peugeot said: "This decision has been taken in the context of a difficult economic environment in Europe. Peugeot has chosen to concentrate resources on its sales performance in 2012."

Which begs the question - will main rivals and fellow dieselists, Audi, bother to turn up? Its motorsports spokesman refused to comment on the company's 2012 entry, but did say: "We're sad with the news - Audi's had some great duals with Peugeot. Our plans will be announced on February 2 - I would hope we will [turn up]."

So, if Audi does make it to La Sarthe, which manufacturers are going to make life interesting in the fastest-in-field LMP1 class? It's not looking good... Toyota's in the throes of developing its 2012 LMP1 program, though it's not competing in the whole campaign. Then there's Porsche, which is planning a return to the 24-hour race. But it won't have its car ready until 2014. Oh dear.

Until we hear what Audi's cooking up, click on for a look back at the legendary racers from the French company.

This is a brace of Peugeot 905s readying themselves for the 1991 24 Heures du Mans. Neither of the two cars entered made it past the four-hour mark.

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