For the upcoming 2012 Auto Expo Czech car manufacturer has some surprises in store. A car based on new concept with its latest sports car Skoda Fabia RS, the Skoda Fabia RS 2000 will be unveiled at the upcoming Indian Auto Expo by Skoda India. The images of the new car clearly show the roof of the car chopped off to render as a roadster. Moreover, the car is endowed with 18” wide alloy wheels with slightly wider body frame as well.

The seats are bucket shaped that enhances the comfortable seating position with the seat belts to hold tight against the occupants to avoid any mishaps during the race. The 2.0L engine is lightweight, that gives a key attribute of carbon fibre, used in the engine development. The 2.0 L twin turbo engine has the capacity to produce a majestic power of 200 Bhp. Earlier this year, the Skoda Fabia RS 2000 was showcased at the Worthersee show, from which more details on the model have poured in. The Fabia RS 2000 is basically the widened version of Skoda S2000 rally car, which upon a careful appraisal can provide us with a handful of worth mentionable details.

First and foremost, unlike any sports car, the Fabia RS 2000 has four doors, two on each side, a sensible consideration for the rear passengers as well, which can easily accommodate 4 passengers quite comfortably. Furthermore, the alterations have been observed in the side windows and black boot lid spoiler and a new cover for the boot space. However, one thing that is carried forward as it is, is the same 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo charged engine with the 4-wheel drive. The famous Worthersee show is a usual event held by the Volkswagen Group for past thirty odd years, named after the location where the show is held. The Lake Worthersee is the lucky spot, where thousands and thousands of Volkswagen Group fans assemble to witness the grand event. Volkswagen and its subsidiaries like Skoda, Seat and Audi promote their concept cars in front of the masses.

Skoda India

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