Since last October, YV Arvind and his Sundays haven't been the same. Earlier, the MNC executive would have a leisurely Sunday morning, getting up at around 11 am. Then, he turned into a Harley owner and his Sundays radically changed.

The preparations begin on Saturday night - he washes, cleans and polishes his bike to ready it for the Sunday ride. And on Sunday at about 4.30 am, quietly he makes his tea, gets ready and sneaks out to be with his Harley buddies. "Those four hours of biking and a breakfast with the group works wonders," he says.

Harley, the century-old iconic brand, made its India debut last year. And today with five dealers and over 500 owners (another 700 booked already) its popularity in India is growing. The owners are a varied lot - from 22 to 55-plus, and mostly men.

"But the biggest growth is in the 35-40 years age segment," says Anoop Prakash, Harley India head. "These are people who have worked hard, earn well and can now allow themselves the chance to explore their passions."

Harley bikes in India cost between Rs 5.5 lakh and Rs 35 lakh. The company has set up an assembly plant in Haryana, its third in the world, to keep the price tag lower. The strategy seems to be working. In its first year, India has already outpaced China (where Harley has been existing for six years).

The company is now fortifying its brand through the exclusive Harley bikers club called HOGs, organising rides and events. "We want to give bike lovers the full ownership experience in India," says Prakash.

While the company does what it needs to, Harley owners are building their own little world. Sunday ET brings the stories of who they are and what they do with their b ikes.

5 Things That Make Harley Special

HOGs: With over a million members, this is the most exclusive and popular biking club in the world that bikers want to belong to

India Presence: Unlike other superbike sellers, all Harley dealers have enough vehicles to enable test rides and sampling

Customisation : With so many options - 10 ways to do exhaust pipes - owners can give their Harleys a unique character

After Sales Support: From spares to servicing, Harley owners say official presence of the company in India is a big plus

Range & Costs: With 15 models and a local assembling plant (only the 3rd in the world) it has a great range to offer

Superbikes Vs Cruisers:

Superbikes (eg. Suzuki Hayabusa)
The fastest aerodynamic machines on two wheels with huge engines, they can reach three-digit speeds before you can say wow and will stay there as long as you want them to. Expectedly, these powerful bikes are not the easiest to control.

Cruisers (eg. Harley Superlow 883)
If superbikes are the cheetahs on the road, think of cruisers as a lion. Style is what defines them. The sound of these gorgeously built engines can be mesmerising for a petrol head. Big and intimidating, they are meant for long rides in utmost comfort possible on two wheels.

Harley Davidson

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