The automotive industry in general is a big change. The economic slowdown has eaten literally the world auto market live, while the segment of super luxury cars managed to survive without being eliminated. On the contrary, are selling in a big way by an extraordinary growth and the super luxury car BMW subsidiary of Rolls Royce is the best example we have. The famous British brand recorded sales of 3,200 units outstanding at the top, 2011, in the last century, since 1905, growing dramatically from 2711 units in 2010. Connecting with Rolls-Royce India dates back to times in history when the Nizams rich and famous Rolls Royce cars in his power to boast of their wealth redundant even before BMW had no power on the mark British.

Rolls Royce which has the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Rolls-Royce Phantom in its grand line-up presents an overwhelming growth in the country selling 100 units during 2011 as opposed to the 70 units it sold in 2010. The new Rolls-Royce premium line-up in India is the most popular sedan with a phenomenal makeover; Rolls Royce Ghost extended Wheelbase version priced at Rs 3.05 crore and above. The super luxury car segment has witnessed an amazing growth in the country especially in the past two years touching the 1000 units sales mark in a year.

And the British brand BMW has an impressive presence in the auto market in India with a market share of 10% with newly gained confidence in the country. The growth potential in India, which is completely t seen before slowly emerging at the forefront of highlighting one of the fatest growing car markets around the world after China. Not surprisingly, Rolls-Royce had the highest rate of growth of the Asian continent, which has the car key markets such as India and China added to the player of God in the automobile industry, Japan.

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