The latest model of Mitsubishi 2012 Mirage small car has unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show. The Mirage is built exclusively for developing markets, so India could be one of its destinations. Next year the car will go into sale in Thailand in March next year.

The Mirage is built with the theme "satisfy the needs of people all over the world". With tradintional Mitsubishi grill the styling is simple. The silhouette is decent reflecting ample space in the interior. The design of the interior part is again simple and clean and gives airiness to the cabin.

A 1.0 liter 3 cylinder gasoline powers the Mirage . The engine has variable valve timing and start stop system. The engine is connected to a continuously variable transmission which is expected to deliver 30 km per liter of fuel.

It is quiet certain that Mitsubishi will consider launching the car in India, sensing the demand for B segment cars. A diesel engined Mirage could create wonders here with its simple and functional looks. Having said this, Mitsubishi’s Mirage is still a mirage for India. Let us hope to see this small beauty here as soon as possible!

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