Hyundai tucson ix
The Tucson is the long forgotten SUV from Hyundai India in the country. An honest appraisal would be that many people might not even know of its existence in the country. However, the SUV is definitely present and what more, the auto major might offer a revamped version of the SUV. Big question is, is it the Hyundai ix35 model which is the new version of the estranged Hyundai Tucson SUV? If it is the same, then it calls for a big pat on the Hyundai’s shoulder. The new version is an eye candy on which everybody would like to feast their eyes upon.

The Hyundai’s new authentic ‘fluidic’ design which has proved to be a showstopper for Hyundai Eon and Hyundai Verna, made its way into the new Hyundai Tucson (if one can dare to call the ix35 that is)as well. The interiors of the car are more chic and upmarket stacked up with all the comforts for the users’ benefit. The safety is where the SUV scores all the points uncompromisingly. The car is literally filled with airbags for the safety of front and rear passengers to avoid the frontal and side-long impacts. Now, the SUV comes with the most advanced active and passive safety measures like the new hill descent control feature to set it class apart in the league.

The Hyundai Tucson is basically offered with a single diesel engine option of 2.0 L in capacity. Now, the same engine is tweaked a bit, but to show some remarkable performance. The 112 PS and 245 Nm of the outgoing model will now sing the tunes of 177 PS and 343 Nm of maximum power and torque numbers. The fuel efficiency had been a sore point which is also likely to see a brighter side. The auto major might find the range of Rs 15- Rs18 lakh more suitable for the new Hyundai Tucson price.

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