The rumor says that, Nissan India might come with a 5-seater SUV like upcoming car Renault Duster with its own underpinning towards early 2012. Further elaborating on this, the new product from Nissan will be the rebranded version of Renault Dacia Duster. Sparks of this SUV are seen in car news industry. It is evident that after the launch of Renault Pulse hatchback, the French auto major is gearing up to launch the Renault Dacia Duster, the famous 5- seater SUV from Dacia. Renault India is said to offer the SUV in both petrol and diesel variants in four wheel drive and two-wheel drive variants.

After the recent acquisition of Dacia car manufacturer petty Romania, Renault has decided to work on the strategy of rebranding the Duster SUV fever share a common platform to catch up with aggression. As with the pattern followed by the concerns of his sister, the ideal is the 5-seater Nissan SUV based on the Duster is likely to be introduced after the launch of Renault Duster. Reciting another example of platform sharing common Nissan-Renault Renault is launching pulse Nissan Micra hatchback based on recently. Renault also said to be mulling over launching the sedan version of Renault Nissan Sunny shortly. Interchange between platforms is a common business prevailing in world markets for some time, which is gaining pace in India, is growing exponentially with many examples to offer. The Renault-Nissan, Volkswagen, Skoda is flourishing with each passing day gives ample opportunity for consumers to choose from a variety of models.

Moreover, this enables the car manufacturers to place the price of the cars, such developed more competitively to drive sales volumes. We can list numerous successful examples, which have created nothing less than a revolution in the Indian car industry. The Volkswagen Polo-Skoda Fabia, upcoming Skoda Rapid based on Volkswagen Vento and Skoda Citigo developed on Volkswagen Up! And the list continues providing us the instances, which have proved to be unfathomable success stories. Developing cars based on the same platform is gaining popularity due to the advantage it offers with component sharing. This helps the car manufacturer in cutting down the production costs resulting in an economic price tag as opposed to its rivals in the same segment. Moreover, the consumers are exposed to more choice with the dealerships of each car manufacturer showcasing the same product under different name, though with abysmal changes.

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