The Jaguar C X16 Concept has been recognised by the British readers of What Car? In 2012 they would like to see the Magazine as the vehicle launched. Despite strong competition, the C X16 Concept, originally unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011, emerged as the clear winner. Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director,Jaguar Cars and Ian Callum, Director of Design, accepted the Award for the 'Most Exciting Car to be Launched in 2012' from Chas Hallett, Editor-in-Chief of What Car?

Chas Hallett commented: ' is more popular than ever, and its users are kept right up to speed on the latest models. They’ve voted the Jaguar C X16 as the car they are most excited to see this year, and we share their enthusiasm'. The C X16 Concept embodies the innovation and relentless focus on engineering efficiency adopted by Jaguar. Its aluminium chassis structure is lighter than the steel alternative and immensely strong while its hybrid drivetrain allows it to accelerate to 62mph (100km/h) from rest in just 4.4-seconds while returning combined economy of 41mpg.

Accepting the award, Adrian Hallmark commented: 'The C X16 has received an extraordinary reaction since first appearing in Frankfurt last year – we're proud that the readers of What Car? share our enthusiasm for the Concept by voting in such numbers. I would like to personally thank the readers and recognise the efforts of Ian Callum and our engineers in creating such an inspiring and beautiful sports car.' The C X16 recently made its Indian debut at the Delhi Motor Show alongside the C X75 Concept .

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