Mahindra Navistar is among the new truck maker sin India which is seen as the barometer of the economic health in the country. Mahindra Navistar, joint venture between Mahindra and USA’s Navistar, has already started Outperformer’s League and also Mahindra Navistar Excellence Awards which are a first of its kind with the sole objective to recognize outperformance, innovations, and leadership and pioneers of change, and to set the standards of excellence in the industry.

The company stated that another major issue which is distressing the trucking sector is the scarcity of trained truck drivers. Mahindra Navistar provides appropriate training through their ‘Driver Training programme’ that benefits the truckers to acquire a better work-related satisfaction. Mahindra Navistar stated that taking the engagement further, they conducted a small survey to find on youth opting for jobs in logistics & trucking. It was mentioned that the studies showed that more youth are restraining themselves from joining their father’s business. Certainly, for an industry like trucks & logistics, joining the business is something the son’s avoid to do. But with the launch of pioneering trucks & technology in the trucking industry in our country, youth are planning to join their dad’s hard earned company.

Now based on this concept, Mahindra Navistar has initiated ‘Papa Ka ’ campaign – which motivates & encourages youth to join their dad’s business. This is not only related or restricted to the logistic industry, but rather takes a wide approach to inspire youth to join their family business. Taking this campaign onward, Mahindra Navistar is planning to launch a TVC based on this theme – “Papa Ka business”. The TVC describes how Mahindra Navistar trucks can encourage an individual to step up into the trucking business & take the industry forward to achieve new heights. The company said ``Youth is the power our country needs right now, and youth in Trucking can change its face and take the trucking business to new level.’’ Along with the TVC, the ‘Papa Ka Business’ campaign – Mahindra Navistar also greets fans & online visitors to submit & share videos with their experiences of working in their family Business.

Mahindra Navistar

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