Mercedes-Benz is one of the most prominent and famous luxury car makers in the world. This time around, Mercedes Benz made an official announcement that it is planning to switch to more frugal, smaller power plants by 2015. The new range of engines will include in inline sixes. The inline six cylinder engine is currently adorning BMW cars. These new engines by Mercedes Benz will be out in action in upcoming 3 years. Mercedes Benz is also planning to add high performance V8 engines, which have been taken into their high end cars.

Apparently, the German auto major will also shift towards four cylinder engines that will be combined with turbocharger. This in turn will make the new 4 cylinder engines much more powerful. The new 4 cylinder engines will feature in the entry level premium cars by Mercedes Benz. The overture of the 4 cylinder engines in Mercedes Benz will further help the firm to keep an eye on the whole cost of production. This move also comprise of Mercedes Benz moving from big bore V8 engines to small bore V8 engines.

The main reason behind switching from big bore V8 engines to small bore V8 engines is to cut down the capacity of the current range of V8 engines to four litres and then further use a turbocharger for added boost. It has been quite long time that Mercedes Benz is using V6 engines in plenty of their cars. Mercedes Benz has made an announcement that it willdiscontinue the entire V6 engines by the year 2015, which means the inline six cylinder engines will make use of twin turbocharger, which will make the cars more powerful. The small turbo chargers provides initial boost. The major reason behind this concept is that the company aims to improve fuel efficiency and performance of their cars.


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