When you stop looking at the Massive Gearlever of the Suzuki Alto at last month’s Tokyo motor show, an interesting hour was spent talking to Honda. There, as regular Top Gear comers will remember, Honda told that they are mulling over building a new NSX.

Why? At Tokyo, Honda's design manager Yoshikazu Kigoshi told Top Gear that the company "needs a halo car", a decision that has come straight down from Honda president Takanobu Ito. "A new S2000 is a difficult car for us to do," Kigoshi-san told us, "because of its front-engined rear-drive platform. But we are definitely looking at the EV-ster and a new NSX ."

Details are very little, but we are assured the next NSX will get the company's new SH-AWD torque vectoring system, that uses independent electric motors on the rear wheels to optimise cornering behaviour.

The NSX will be unveiled at the Detroit show on January 9, and frankly, it couldn't come soon enough. Naturally, we'll be bringing you TopGear's considered take on the show.

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