Innovative Hexa Space MPV concept wraps have come off the at Hyundai’s stall at the 2012 Auto Expo in New Delhi.

Code-named HND-7 , this is a global debut for Hyundai and points towards a production model in the future. The talking point is the car’s eight-person seating layout which uses two rows of three slightly staggered seats at the front, and a conventional two-seat bench at the rear. What this means is that the middle seat in the first two rows is located slightly behind the other two, allowing three-abreast seating without too much discomfort.

According to Hyundai the hexagonal arrangement is the best way to get the maximum space out of a narrow cabin area, and as with most MPVs, the seats are able to fold completely flat and flip over in a number of configurations to aid comfort or storage space, as per the need. It also has sliding rear doors to aid ingress and egress to the back rows.

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