Porsche macan
Confirmation came from Porsche the name of its new SUV as the Macan. Derived from the Indonesian word for tiger, the Macan combines the core characteristics of how a Sports Utility Vehicle should be.Bernhard Maier, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Porsche AG said, “The Macan combines all sports car characteristics with the benefits of an SUV and is a genuine Porsche.”

Combining suppleness, power, fascination and dynamics, the Macan will be the key pillar of the company’s strategy codenamed ‘Strategy 2018’. The production of the new SUV will start from 2013 at the Leipzig Porsche factory.

At present the site is being expanded into an independent production plant with an investment of 500 million euros (~Rs. 321 crore) making it the largest building projects in the company’s corporate history. The Macan will be the fifth model to come in with the existing model range and will target young, aspiring customers to the premium brand. This will also increase the manufacturing capacity more than the current 100,000 units a year that is produced by the two facilities in Germany.

Porsche names have always had a connection with its characteristics. The Boxster, case in point, shows the combination of a boxer engine and a roadster and all others. The company currently offers the Boxster range, Cayman series, 911 line-up, Panamera grand tourer and the Cayenne SUV series. At present, there are seven dealerships of Porsche in the country - New Delhi, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi and an upcoming facility in Chennai.

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