Nissan is simply overwhelmed by the success of crossover Juke world. Juke-R Concept followed the Juke, which was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show. NowNissan Nismo wing is back in action testing his prowess in developing a new concept car based on Juke-R. Porter line Juke front Nismo Nissan Juke has more power to deliver. After playing with the engine for a while, the Nismo claims to provide the punch, he is able. However, he played cards closer to his chest and not go into details where specifications are concerned.

Overall, the exteriors styling match up quite well with theJuke-R concept . Still, it’s the basic body design where the difference comes in. The baseline is the new body structure should be capable of enduring the power it is about to generate. Moreover, it is the suspension that brings about the difference. The wider and tougher looking suspension is under the hood next to the powerful engine to absorb the excess power generated by the engine. This is the most important addition, without which there is a looming threat of the vehicle going off-balance otherwise.

In addition to it the 19 inch wheels are wide enough to offer an extended grip on the roads. The placement of the headlamps, new bumper design and the side skirts on body are to ensure the same. While the side rear views mirrors are offered with a contrasting colour to mark the distinction. So, it is the Nismo division we are seeing at work this time. Formed way back in 1984, the Japanese car manufacturer has encapsulated the Nissan’s motorsport division and the general street car department under a single head.

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