A fresh set of images has been released by Skoda of what they call a VisionD concept they unveiled at the Geneva Motors Show in March this year. Closer look at it shows that the VisionD shares more than a few similarities with the MissionL Concept. Czech car manufacturer’s latest concept was showcased more recently at the Frankfurt Motor Show held in September. Now, what exactly do these concept cars actually do for a manufacturer. These cars basically gives the consumers, the idea of what the future models from the car manufacturer would look like.

If the rumours are to be believed, the VisionD model might go into production for a hatchback apart from a sedan version to sit a notch lower than Skoda Superb. As for the timelines, the tentative period of launch could be around late 2012 or early 2013. A brief review on the Skoda VisionD concept will give us the idea on what kind of image the future cars from Skoda will carry. To start with the exteriors, the new VisionD concept is cut with the precision that gives new outlook to the Skoda cars. The sharp headlamps takes the prize away while retaining the Skoda’s authentic wing-shaped grille.

The C-shaped LED lamps in the tail lamps are quite eye-catching as well. However, it is the breath-taking interiors that makes one hold the breath for a second. The central console draws the attention where the features are quite attractively laid out. But, it is not overcrowded at the same time as most of the controls can be handled from the touchscreen pad on the console. The instrument cluster behind the power steering is neatly stacked behind the clear glass which gives the driver an unhindered view of the tachometer and other readings. If this is how the Skoda India will have its cars lined-up for our county as well, then the next one-two years time is worth the wait.

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