Mercedes-Benz E-Class
As per the global market the Chinese automobile market is considered as among the fastest growing luxury car markets, now with the new assembly lines in the country will also be looking to export some of their models. According to reports, Beijing Benz, Chinese joint venture of Daimler is prepared to prove it with the first export of an E-Class Mercedes-Benz .

The reports further said that the exported E-Class marks a new turning point for the JV, who has seen domestic demand for its models grow dramatically over the past few years. Beijing Benz's sales for the first 11 months of this year were 52 percent higher than last year.

President Frank Deiss said that he believes the exported E-Class will help Beijing Benz break into other offshore markets. If Beijing Benz has a problem it could be with limited capacity. The automaker is said to have sold 52 percent more cars in China than it did last year. Capacity of the plant is about 100,000 vehicles per year.

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