Renault decided to continue their celebrations at the GP of India with the introduction of impulses. After the Fluence and Koleos, the pulse is the third launch of Renault, within six months of starting its operations in India. As a quick glance suggests, the pulse is almost identical to the Nissan Micra, except for the fact that the design team Renault has given free rein to the remodeling of the front and rear of the car to match your theme design. The aggressive nose very similar to that of others such as lockers and the Renault Clio is clear.

Carefully observing the recent fuel price situation, it has selected to go ahead and offer their tested 1.5-litre diesel motor for starters on the Pulse with the option of a smaller petrol engine following later. Renault claims the 15-litre diesel powered Pulse will be capable of delivering 23kpl, making it one of the most efficient hatchbacks in India. Interiors have also been kept very similar to the Micra with features like the push button start being carried over. Details about specs and features are yet to be disclosed, but are expected to closely mirror that of the Micra.

Higher degree of localisation of components for the car with the engine being locally built in Chennai should make the Pulse fairly competitive as well. The aggressive dealer expansion target remains on course with 40 dealers coming into operation by the end of 2011 with 60 more being added in 2012. The Pulse will go on sale in India in January 2012 and is likely to be priced at a slight premium compared to the Micra with the possibility of a few added features. There’s also the prospect of a racy looking ‘Sport’ version to follow soon after.

Renault Pulse

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