Jaguar plans to introduce its most popular cars Jaguar XF and XJ in four wheel drive options. The all new four wheel drive Jaguar XF and Jaguar XJ will be available globally within the next two years. According to Adrian Hallmark, four wheel drive vehicle will play a critical role in particular to the company's growth in the US market.

Speaking at the Los Angeles Motor Show, Hallmark shared that in past all-wheel-drive has meant Audi and Quattro, but now-a-days it is something that market expects. In addition to this he also said that 4 wheel drive vehicles account for 70 percent of American auto sales, and an overall of 30 percent, so the company is working on it and they are in the final stages of a decision.

Developing four-wheel-drive vehicles has been ahead in priority list then developing hybrids at Jaguar, as the company believes that it will immediately improve its sales in the market. In the words of Adrian Hallmark, Hybid technology is currently very expensive and car consumers don't want to pay huge for it, so the company will later develop hybrid cars for the market as it is a long term project.

Jaguar XF

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