The Indian automobile giant Tata Motors that own the British premium marquee Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has been a loss making at the time of purchase now will help in the parent company’s overall performance. According to a report that with three months to the close of FY12, it looks certain that JLR sales will elevate the overall performance of Tata Motors Ltd for the year. The report stated that in spite of a deepening slowdown across the globe, JLR sales from April to November rose 19 percent over the year-ago period. Land Rover sales alone grew by 28 per cent, as new vehicles such as Evoque and Defender attracted robust demand.

Throughout FY12, JLR has surprised investors with good numbers every month, making the full-year sales estimates more plausible. The report stated that going by geographies, China’s share in JLR sales for the September quarter shot up to 16 per cent from about 9.7 per cent a year ago.

With JLR revenue comprising two-thirds of Tata Motors’ revenue and three-fourths of its net profit, optimism about its consolidated performance for the present year is understandable. All the more so when Tata Motors' domestic passenger segment is expected to register a contraction in sales volume during fiscal 2012. Strong JLR sales, however, would cushion the Tata Motors stock from downward risks. But upward momentum is likely only when the slowdown in the domestic automotive market abates.

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