The number of licensing agreements between watchmakers and automakers has grown rapidly in the past few years, so much so that the market is already inundated with plenty of choices.

That’s why this new collection from Officine Autodromo is very different. Not only is it a stand-alone company that specializes on auto-inspired timepieces, but it also has a new collection that offers plenty of choices for the auto-obsessed customer.

As the work of industrial designer Bradley Price, the Officine Autodromo launch collection will feature three models that are sure to pique the interest of customers. The first one is called the "Veloce," which means ’speed’ in Italian. Then there’s the "Brescia," which is actually a Northern Italian town that, incidentally, also serves as the start/finish line of the Mille Miglia rally. Finally, there’s the "Valelunga," which, if you know your auto racing, is the name of the race track just outside of Rome.

As you may have noticed by now, the three watches carry plenty of Italian racing heritage. More than just their names, the watches also feature retro-inspired Italian race car themes, as well as a 42-milimeter case that can be had in either brushed stainless steel or its PVD-coated counterpart, a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement, and perforated black leather wrist straps mounted directly into the round case.

The price for any one of these Officine Autodromo watches is $425. They’re by no means cheap, but if you’re interested in something that not a lot of people have in their collection, these watches are as good a purchase as you can have.

Autodrome Watches

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