Several things are there in common with the new Chevrolet Impala with Cadillac's new flagship, the 2013 XTS sedan. Spy photos snapped this week offer the first glimpse of the redesigned 2014 Impala. In early 2013 the car is heading to Chevy showrooms. Despite the heavy dose of camouflage, the photos reveal a sleek silhouette with a long nose, short rear deck, along with wrap-around headlamps and front fascia.

Still it was not clear through these photos, one version of the Impala seen in the design studio before styling was locked in -- a full-sized model made of clay -- featured some design cues similar to the previous generation Audi A6, sources said.

A large, tall, split grille similar in execution to the 2013 Malibu was positioned on the clay model. The difference for the 2014 Impala's grille was an abundance of chrome-like materials.

GM typically won't discuss new products at this stage of a redesign.

"I can tell you there will be a next gen Impala ," spokesman Mike Albano said in an e-mail today. "Not sure I can go much beyond that."

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