NEW DELHI: On the first day of Auto Expo BMW Group has unveiled its iconic Mini brand in India with four models priced up to Rs 31.99 lakh after having decided against such a move during the early period. This brand has been unveiled at the 11th Auto Expo 2012, which has kicked off. The auto maker has unveiled four variants of the Mini. While the Mini Cooper will be priced Rs 24.9 lakh, the Mini Cooper S has been priced at Rs 27.9 lakh.

The Mini Convertible comes with a price tag of Rs 29.99 lakh and the Mini Cooper Countryman has been priced at Rs 31.99 lakh.

The BMW group had in the past planned to get the car to India by 2009, but had postponed the plan due to the poor market conditions.

The Indian market is presently ready for a brand such as the Mini as India has become a part of the international community in regard to the recent lifestyle trends.

Reports suggest that the Mini will be having its separate showrooms - two will be located in the national capital and one will be in Mumbai.

In regards to the sales, the company is not aiming at volumes and also there are no plans to assemble the car in India in the upcoming future. The car will be imported as completely built unit.

The firm has commenced bookings of the Mini in India and deliveries will start by March this year.

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