Now shortly the ultra low cost commercial vehical from Bajaj will be launched.

Based on ULC (Ultra-low-cost) platform Bajaj will unveil its commercial vehicle platform on January 3, in the run-up to Auto Expo 2012. The ULC platform is an upgraded three-wheeler than a downsized four wheeler, as the company uses its expertise in this segment. The ULC was originally a joint venture between Bajaj and Nissan-Renault with Bajaj playing the role of developer and contractual manufacturer, and Nissan-Renault handling product marketing and sales. However, there have been many doubts over the agreement and it is reported that Bajaj has proceeded and developed the vehicle independently.

As Bajaj already has experience in three-wheeler market, the company has first developed the commercial vehicle based on the platform and will later develop a passenger car on the same. Technical specs of the ULC are unknown, but as the prototype shown in 2008 Auto Expo show that it is developed as entry level four-wheeler, and will compete with Tata Nano.

The commercial vehicle will go on sale shortly, and more details of passenger car should be available at the unveiling function. As bring you all the news live from the Auto Expo 2012, in New Delhi.

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